Your local Volkswagen and Audi diagnostic and repair shop in Albany near Berkeley

Audis and Volkswagens have advanced and sophisticated electronics and computerized systems that require special diagnostic tools and equipment. Auto Plus in Albany/Berkeley is a state-of-the-art facility to accurately diagnose, maintain, and repair your Audi or VW.

Auto Plus also performs pre-purchase diagnostics, so if you are planning to purchase a pre-owned Audi or VW, we can diagnose it and provide you with a complete list of items that need to be repaired or replaced and an estimate of the cost, so you can negotiate with the seller for the most approptiate price.

Proper Audi and Volkswagen diagnosis requires professional training, tools, equpment, and expertise. Auto Plus excels at correctly diagnosing and repairing any issues your Audi or VW might have, bringing it back to the road quickly, properly, safely, and affordably.

Call Auto Plus today - your local Auto repair, Audi and Volkswagen experts for diagnostic service, maintenance, and repairs serving Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito and the East Bay Area since 1980.